photo Wim
Wim Carens, born in 1969, lives in the Belgian countryside near Antwerp. As an independent freelance photographer, Wim built up his resume by several training programs, but in the end he prefers to rely on his self-education. His journeys all across the globe made him an expert by experience. “Time and again, I appeal to my personal intuition”

The past years, Wim spent a lot of time in South-America and particularly in the north and south Patagonian regions. Hence the pictures in the Nature and Culture sections.
But travelling through India, Pakistan and Nepal – one of the most grateful regions for a photographer - for more than a year, resulted even so in breathtaking images.
Before going digital, Wim gathered a wide collection of analog pictures in Australia, Tasmania and New Zeeland. At this moment the dilemma is about scanning those or going back with digital equipment … to be continued!

Wim loves to capture life on the street, cautious and discrete, with the utmost respect for the individual. He does not call himself a nature photographer although it is an important theme on this site. “Sometimes nature is simply too beautiful not to take a picture”.

In his home studio Wim focusses on portrait photography with a very typical and expressive exposure.

His overall style tends to grey and black shades. Even the most colorful images carry a subtle gloom.

Wims work was nominated by National Geographic Netherlands and was published in National Geographic and Digifotopro